Wholesale and B2B Solution

floww is the new standard system to ensure your admin can manage stock, inventory and order (PO/SO) in a short period of time. Our objective is to lower your cost and increase your sale.

With floww e-ordering you can use it for:

  • Your online catalog for your sale, dealer and customers.
  • Getting order directly from dealer/sale/customer.
  • Manage your stock or inventory.
  • Manage sale order’s status and connect with backoffice’s
  • Create your wholesale promotion and it calculate from your
    condition automatically for any orders.
  • Manage sale and customer information.
  • Manage you PO (Purchase Order) or Sale Order (Sale Order)
    and Billing process.
  • Reporting sale and performance.

Floww e-ordering can connect directly with many ERP and your accounting software. Making all implementation seamless integration to your existing software.

floww is a future of working

Many companies from Enterprises to SMEs are using floww to reduce operational costs. Our solution makes working time to be less, less paperwork and bring their staffs’ to work on more valuable tasks. Find out more details about floww and contact our team to assist you.

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